3 Good Reasons to Set Up a Spring Roof Inspection for Your Chattanooga Home

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Springtime brings gorgeous wildflowers, warmer weather, and potential roof problems. While roofing issues are somewhat of a surprise to most homeowners, spring is when they become most visible. Here, you’ll learn three reasons to schedule a springtime roof inspection in Chattanooga.

Warm Weather

One of the most important reasons for a spring roof inspection is that the weather is warm. Now that snow isn’t flying and there’s no chill in the air, the sun will dry things out. That makes it safer and easier to thoroughly inspect your shingles, gutters, and roof deck. While it’s possible to do a DIY inspection, roofers know what to look for.

Better Visibility

Now that spring is in the air, it’s easier for roofers to spot wintertime damage. Professional roofers can remove debris and leaves from the gutters and roof during general maintenance. Then, they’ll look for cracks, water damage, loose and missing shingles, and other indications of trouble.

Scheduling Repairs

Spring is the best time to schedule roof repairs and maintenance. If it’s time to replace sheathing or shingles, you can get it done before summer–so any existing damage will not affect your plans (or your utility bill). After a roof inspection in Chattanooga, your roofer will recommend important repairs.

Get Your Roof Inspected Today

When winter is over, Chattanooga homeowners turn their thoughts to cleaning and maintenance. If you’re ready to get it done, call the team today or visit them online at restoreroofing.biz today.

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