3 Factors to Consider When Selecting an Off-Campus Apartment

by | Jul 9, 2024 | Student Housing Center

Stepping into college comes with some limitations, especially in terms of housing. By selecting an off-campus apartment, you can diminish certain limitations and enhance your quality of living. Below are some benefits that come with student housing in Urbana Champaign that can make your next school year one you will enjoy.

Roommate Selections

Many times, students come to school knowing no one else on campus, or they may know a few friends, depending on the university and the distance it is from their hometown. One factor that could ease this situation is choosing student housing in Urbana Champaign that provides roommate matching.

While it may be unrealistic to find someone who loves everything you do, an apartment complex should aim to pair you with someone who shares the most interests.

Least Expensive Options

The more amenities included in your contract, the better. These can reduce or stave off costs you assumed you would take on, whether that includes internet connection, trash disposal, laundry, and more.

It would be an excellent idea to inquire about per-person contracts, so you can receive the least expensive option when selecting an off-campus apartment.

Distance from Campus

To ensure a quick and safe commute from your apartment to classes, choose student housing in Urbana Champaign near the campus. Doing so can allow you to get to classes and other on-campus events within a short timeframe. You could also increase your transportation methods when staying near campus, such as taking private shuttle buses.

Contact The Village at Colbert Park at https://villagecp.com/ to learn more about special discounts and features that could make the student housing search and countdown to classes more exciting.

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