2 Things You Should Do After A Job Interview And Why You May Need A Lawyer

2 Things You Should Do After A Job Interview And Why You May Need A Lawyer

Searching online for employment opportunities, you begin to apply and submit your application to a handful of employers. Several days have passed and someone finally calls you for a quick interview over the phone. As the phone interview concludes, the HR rep offers you an onsite interview. Ecstatic, you thank them for the opportunity and begin preparing yourself for the interview in a few days. The day has come and you have arrived early. You are then taken to a room to begin the interview. Several unconventional questions were asked from your ethnicity to your religious involvement and you wonder why. Leaving the interview, the HR rep states they will give you a call but they never do. Here are 2 things you should do when this happens.

Follow Up: The first thing you should do after a week of your interview is to call and follow up with the employer you have applied with. One week should be ample time for an employer to decide if they are going to proceed with the application process.

Hire A Lawyer: Perhaps you have been following up on your application and were told that your skills do not match the opportunity you have applied for despite passing and exceeding the posted qualifications. You may remember during the interview that you were asked to provide information that was unrelated to the job opportunity. If you feel you have been discriminated against due to that information, then you should consider hiring a lawyer to help you with your situation.

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