2 Steps You Should Consider Taking to Fix Your Wooden Swing Set

Are you looking at your backyard swing set and are noticing that the wooden components of the playset are beginning to rot? Have you noticed that your swing set is becoming unstable, making it unsafe for your children to play on? Are you wondering what you can also do to prevent further damages to your lawn? If so, then here are two steps you should consider taking next.


One of the first steps you should take is to remove and replace all the rotten posts and supports of the swing set. Do this by removing the swings off first, then the A-frames of the playset. Remove the wooden supports last.

Lift and Level

Once you have removed all the components and have replaced them with new material, the next step is to prevent the wooden components from prematurely deteriorating by lifting and leveling your play set off the ground. Not only will this help protect your investment, but it will ensure your children will be safe when playing. It will also prevent damages from happening to your lawn as the swing set will no longer be in direct contact with it.

The Best Way to Keep Your Kids Safe While Protecting Your Investment

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