2 Pieces of Equipment You Should Acquire for Your DIY Countertop Project

Have you recently watched a DIY countertop video online? Are you now inspired to tackle a remodeling project because you have watched that particular video? Are you wondering about the tools or equipment you may need for your project? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then here are two pieces of equipment you should consider acquiring.

Alpha Tools Pneumatic Polisher

Whether you are going to be using concrete, ceramic, marble, or granite material, you are likely envisioning a professional finish. An Alpha tools pneumatic polisher can help you sand, polish, grind, drill, and profile your chosen material for a smooth and clean appearance. This makes this particular type of pneumatic polisher an essential piece of equipment for your DIY project.


A pneumatic polisher can only be effective and efficient by using appropriate polishing pads or polishing wheels for the material you will be using for the project. Which makes polishing pads another piece of equipment you should consider procuring. There are a variety of alpha pads available suitable for various applications. The polishing wheels can come in 5- or 6-inch diameters and vary in design or pattern. For instance, Alpha tools’ GEV50050 and GEV60050 are 50 grit, which is suitable for grinding. GEV53000 and GEV63000 are two other types of Alpha pads that are suitable for polishing and refining.

The Takeaway

These are only to mention two pieces of equipment you should consider acquiring for your DIY project. So, whether you will be working with marble, granite, ceramic, concrete, or any other material using these tools, remember to also include safety gear like eye protection and gloves.

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