Why You Should Always Check Your Roofers’ Certification

Why You Should Always Check Your Roofers’ Certification

Recently, the Southeast Texas Record reported about a lawsuit that has been filed in Galveston County Court at Law #2 against Tug and Deby Jackson, who were doing business as TD Group and passing themselves off as roofers and roof inspectors. The plaintiff, Ambar Rangel, alleged that the defendants caused around $40,000 in damages, since Rangel had to redo an entire roof after the defendants certified that it met area requirements for the Texas Department of Insurance when it did not.

The story in its entirety reads like a soap opera script, but within all of the accusations, justifications and Texas Windstorm Insurance Association requirements that either were or were not met, one thing is clear: Had the plaintiff asked to see the certification of the alleged roofers, the plaintiff would not be out an additional $41,611.

While this incident happened in the Galveston area, it could have easily occurred in Austin, Dallas or Texarkana. Although there are many reputable roofers in the business, some people utilize the industry to swindle unsuspecting consumers, operating as certified inspectors, established local business owners or other seemingly diligent workers.

The Latin phrase caveat emptor, or “let the buyer beware,” certainly applies here. Although this does not excuse the behavior of hucksters, it is a reminder that whenever a consumer purchases a product or contracts for services, there are certain precautions that should be taken. In the case of roofers, consumers would do well to verify whether they have the certification, training or licenses that they claim to have. In addition, if the roofers claim to be locally owned and operated, consumers should confirm those claims as well. They should also make sure all roofers are insured or bonded.

With caution and a little investigative work, consumers can be confident that they are dealing with qualified, experienced roofers. Truly qualified roofers in Austin and throughout Texas will appreciate someone who takes the time to find out whether or not they are reputable and established. Ethical roofers will not be offended when their credentials are verified, and will likely be proud to show off their hard-earned licenses, certifications and qualifications.

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