Warning Signs It’s Time for Residential Roof Replacement in Liberty MO

Every home needs a functional roof to keep out wind, rain, critters, and debris. However, even the best roofs have a limited lifespan. Be on the lookout for these warning signs that indicate it’s time for Residential Roof Replacement in Liberty MO.

Several Missing Shingles

After a severe storm, every homeowner should inspect their roof and look for missing shingles. All it takes is a powerful gust of wind to blow away loose shingles. Even one lost shingle may lead to flooding inside an attic or home.

Be careful, however. Inspecting a roof is a dangerous task, and it’s better to leave this job to a professional. Most insurance companies will send out an adjuster at no cost to the homeowner to look over a roof after a severe storm. Take advantage of this helpful service.

Soft Patches on the Roof

A freshly installed roof should feel firm and supportive. As the shingles age, however, they may become mushy or even sag. Homeowners should have an inspector walk across their roof every season to look for any soft shingles.

Soft shingles are usually water-logged or moldy. If the roofer only locates a couple of soggy shingles, it may be possible to repair the area by installing new shingles. However, extensive damage usually requires a complete Residential Roof Replacement in Liberty MO.

Age of the Roof

Homeowners need to document when their roof was first installed. If no purchase record exists, a qualified roofer can estimate the age of the roof. While most roofs last for several decades, abrupt and unexpected changes in the weather may shorten the roof’s lifespan. On average, most residential roofs last for about 25-30 years.

As a roof gets older, it’s time to start planning for a replacement. However, homeowners can increase the lifespan of their roof by performing regular maintenance. Remember to power wash the shingles every two years. It’s also important to prune any branches that may fall on the roof and damage the surface.

A failing roof can cause massive amounts of damage to a home. Always inspect the entire roof each season to make sure it’s still in good condition. Click here to learn more about residential roofing options that are available to homeowners.

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