Using A Child Custody Lawyer in Charleston SC To Make A Custody Case Easier

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A custody case can be one of the hardest times for a parent. Hiring a skilled child custody lawyer in Charleston SC is a must, but there are other steps that a parent must take to get through a custody case. Parents who are involved in sole custody cases need to be aware of that sole custody is determined when the court sees one parent as being the better parent for the child. Determining the better parent can be incredibly difficult to prove. For the most part, judges are usually against barring one parent from having a relationship with his/her child.

With the help of a Child Custody Lawyer in Charleston SC like one from the LaMantia Law Firm or another reputable law firm, a parent may be able to prove to the court that he/she is able to provide the care for a kid. In order to support a sole-custody claim, a parent should show that the physical well-being of the child may be at risk if the other parent is given custody. A parent can also claim that the child’s psychological well-being may also be at risk. Attempting to show a parent is unfit is one way to go about getting sole custody.

It should be noted that cases involving sole custody can get ugly. Parents may end up not speaking to each other. At the end of the day, this can have a negative effect on the children involved in these cases. Parents should think about how their children feel before deciding how they want to go about custody. Keeping a parent away from his/her child can cause a child to become withdrawn. The child may even begin to resent the parent who is granted sole custody. Seeking the advice of a counselor can help a parent better understand a child’s needs.

It’s always better for parents to work together in custody cases to find out what is right for the children. This may involve putting egos aside. Lawyers can be used to set up meetings, so things don’t get out of hand. Lawyers can also help their clients remain calm during the proceedings. While in court, it’s better to let lawyers talk unless the judge asks the parents to speak.

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