Tile Cleaning in Porterville CA – Scrubbing The Floors Without Elbow Grease

Tile Cleaning in Porterville CA – Scrubbing The Floors Without Elbow Grease

Tile cleaning in Porterville, CA, or anywhere for that matter, requires a lot of elbow grease and not everyone is up for it. But to live with dirty tiles in the bathroom or the kitchen will become uncomfortable quickly. Plus, dirty tiles could be hiding a million health hazards which need to be removed, if not for the sake of showcasing your Martha Stewart skills, but for your health. So here is an easy breezy list of tile cleaning tips for residents of Porterville, CA.

Although its always better to hire professionals to do the job right, there are some things you can do in between professional tile cleanings. Here is a list of very green cleaning tips and tricks for tile cleaning in Porterville, CA:

* Sweep the area to be cleaned with a dry broom, or vacuum over the tiles, to remove all debris or dirt.
* Then, mix water and vinegar in equal quantity in a bucket and mop the tiles with this solution.
* Finally, rinse the floor with clean water.

This is a completely harmless and eco-friendly ways of tile cleaning in Porterville, CA. This is also helpful if your tiles were not extremely dirty. Now here is a list of things you can do if the tiles are very dirty:

* Take oxygen bleach and mix it thoroughly with warm water. Next pour this onto the floor so that even the grout lines between the tiles get flooded with this solution. Let the floor get soaked in it for at least 15 minutes. Remember that the longer you let grout soak in this solution the easier you job becomes.

* For best results start scrubbing the floor after 30 minutes and then pour some more solution on the grout. This solution is capable of removing red wine stains and anything similar, in fact there is little oxygen bleach can not get rid of.

* Once the tiles are clean you can relax, but not completely. Make it a routine to mop your tiles floors with a solution of oxygen bleach from now on, this will help you keep your tiles shiny and clean in Porterville, CA.

However, do remember that for very dirty tiles, its best to hire professionals who know what they are doing. Make sure that dirty tiles do not become a health issue for you and your family. It may be a little costly, but it will be worth it when your tiles look like new again.

Make a wise decision and let experts do your tile cleaning in Porterville, CA for you. Call Service Master Clean and see magic happen. We’ll leave you house spick and span.

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