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There are many products on the market that are innovative and highly useful, and there are other products on the market that are innovative and highly useful, but also save lives. Water is a life source that humans cannot live without. In fairly recent years, the spotlight has remained on increasing the quality of drinking water to eliminate harmful substances that can enter the body and cause sickness and disease. Fortunately, many significant technological advancements have been developed that have provided good alternatives to drinking toxic water; however, there have also been many issues. Some companies were exposed for putting water on the market that was not any less harmful than tap water, and in some cases was more dangerous.

Although, finding clean water has its challenges, finding clean water when traveling, camping, or hiking abroad can be more difficult to obtain. However, Sawyer has designed portable water filtration systems that stand by their claims. Not only are their water filtration systems the best in the industry, their water filters are made to last for 10 years. Sawyer designs its products to save lives, not to make a quick buck, while offering consumers sub-standard products with archaic filtration methods. They carry a large selection of high quality water filtration systems that can be used all over the world, and ensure travelers will have clean water available at all times.

Sawyer provides a line of two systems, Sawyer Point One Filtration systems and Sawyer Point Zero Two Purifier systems. Typically, the point one systems are used in North America, and Point Two systems are used in Third World countries. Sawyer’s point one portable water filtration systems remove harmful substances, and point two systems remove bacteria, viruses, protozoa and more. They use a sophisticated filtration system that removes substances at the highest rates on the market, and their systems are guaranteed for 1 million gallons, including their water filters, which is a common theme among their filtration products because of their superior technology.

Sawyer portable water filtration systems and their filters cannot be penetrated by any harmful substances, and they do not use chemicals, or require any pumping. They offer a wide selection of filters, adapters, backwash systems, purifier assembly kits and much more. Clean water is a necessity. Sawyer is making certain everyone has access to clean water, and their products can be trusted to perform what they proclaim. Visit the website for more information.

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