The MAX Franchising Gives Opportunity For-Profits in the Fitness Sector

If you’re looking to Purchase A Fitness Franchise, one of the hottest is The MAX Franchising. Founder and CEO Bryan Klein founded it in 2011 with 32 people. Six months later his enterprise had 500 clients.

His program is a 10-week one that features cardio-training and strength training. Designed for people of all fitness levels, customers also get a trainer will who will customize a program for their needs. They also get advice about when, how and what to eat.

Currently, The MAX Franchising has more than locations in operation or development. To take advantage of this business opportunity that charges customers $99 per month, franchisees need $50,000 in liquid assets and a net worth of $250,000. Each franchise costs $40,000, and operators pay a six percent royalty plus a two percent ad royalty. The initial investment ranges from $146,868 to $295,592.

Once people get a franchise, they get help from the corporate headquarters in Morganville, New Jersey in choosing a location and designing the home facility. Additionally, they get a week of training at the corporation that concentrates on sales, marketing, customer service, and management. Franchisees are assigned a coach, who will counsel them each week.

Klein, who at one time was nearly 100 pounds overweight, sees MAX Franchising as a way for people who Purchase A Fitness Franchise to make money and give back by helping others to improve their heath and physical fitness. “After I gained a lot of weight, I hired trainers to help me with exercise and diet,” he says. “But all that cost me thousands of dollars so was inspired to start my own, more affordable fitness studio.”

For more information about how to Purchase A Fitness Franchise, contact MAX Franchising.

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