The Importance of a Financial Advisor With a Good Team

When you work with a financial advisor, most people only consider working one-on-one with an individual to get the results they want. While this is important to ensure the advisor understands you and your unique situation, it’s also critical to choose someone who has a good support team. Financial advisors work with many individuals so they may not always be immediately available. Having a strong supporting team means you get a better level of service.


One of the biggest reasons to work with a financial advisor like Matt Dixon of Asheville, NC, who has a team of professionals on their side is specializations. It’s difficult for one person to be extremely knowledgeable about multiple investment types. When they work together as a team, you’ll reap the benefits of knowledge from each individual as a whole so you can put together the strongest portfolio to get the results you’re looking for.

Faster Responses

Another benefit of choosing a company with a solid team is you’ll get a higher level of service. Your financial advisor may not always be immediately available to answer questions or help you make changes to your portfolio. It’s better to work with a team to ensure you can get fast responses when you need them. In a world where timing is everything, a fast response can often mean the difference in a positive or negative outcome.

Eliminate the Service Gap

Working with a solo financial advisor can often lead to a service gap between what you want and what the advisor is able or willing to provide. This isn’t common when you work with a full team. Even if you primarily work directly with Matt Dixon in Asheville, NC, you will get the benefit of access to his entire team so you can always get service when you need it, even if Matt isn’t available.

If you’re ready to make an appointment with Matt Dixon in Asheville, NC, visit the TruNorth Advisors website.

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