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Hiring Residential Painting Contractors in Tacoma turns a stressful experience into a hassle-free one, but finding the right painter is a decision that requires long, careful consideration. Use the tips below to ensure that you hire the right painter for yourself and your home.

*     Ask for recommendations. The simplest and best way to hire a quality painter is to ask neighbors, friends and family for referrals; paint supply stores such as Benjamin Moore can also put you in contact with house painters in your area.

*     Get more than one quote. When you collect all your estimates, they should be close together in price. If one estimate seems too much less than all the others, the contractor will likely cut corners somewhere. After all, you get what you pay for!

*     Ask the right questions. When you talk to Residential Painting Contractors Tacoma, there are a few questions you should ask. Find out how long they’ve been in the business, and if they have the correct state and local licenses. A residential painter should be bonded and insured against liability and injury, and the best contractors are usually members of professional associations. Painters should be willing to provide references, and good work should come with some kind of guarantee.

*     Be as specific as possible. When interviewing Painters Tacoma, walk them through and around the areas in need of painting, and discuss any project factors which could change the price of the job. Tell them (and show them) which surfaces you want painted, and the finishes and colors you want them to use.

*      Pay attention to their behavior. A reliable contractor should project a sense of confident professionalism, and should have a courteous but businesslike demeanor. Your contractor should be busy, but not so busy that they fail to return calls, offer timely estimates or show up for appointments.

Once you’ve chosen the right residential painter, have them draw up a contract. Read it thoroughly, and ask questions if you need any clarification. When you’ve finished the steps listed above, you’ll be ready to hire a contractor—and to enjoy the benefits of a freshly-painted home.


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