Living Safely and Comfortably With Home Accessibility Upgrades

How safe is your home? Is it safe for most people but unsafe for anyone with mobility issues? From temporary injuries to lifelong disabilities to the challenges that come with advanced age, many parts of the home can pose significant risks to people who can’t maneuver well. The risks can be hard to spot without experience. In addition, finding the right accessibility ramps, bathroom safety options and lift chairs in Los Angeles, CA, can be difficult. Here are a few mobility concerns to keep in mind as you assess your home’s safety.

Stairs, Steps and Walking Hazards

Feet that drag across the floor or barely rise above a few dust specs are prone to stubbed toes and tripping hazards. Unfortunately, many medical conditions can make taking higher, longer steps difficult. It’s especially an issue for people with hip and knee injuries who aren’t used to taking smaller, more labored steps.

Installing ramps and placing guard rails are helpful, but what if someone needs to travel around the middle of the room? Beyond installing products, you can ask for an inspection service. An accessibility and home safety inspection will identify trip hazards and travel risks. It’s more than asking people to pick up their loose belongings. Anything from uneven floors to a single step between rooms may need to be identified and addressed.

Bathroom Safety Options

Getting in and out of the shower, bathtub or spa can be a challenge even if other parts of your mobility seem to be stable. It’s more than just slippery surfaces. Awkward angles, losing focus and even becoming lightheaded because of hot water and steam can complicate an already difficult situation. There are multiple bathtub and shower options that can help prevent falls. From water-tight bathtub doors to safer faucet placements in case of front falls, protecting yourself in the bathroom is getting easier.

If you’re looking for rails, ramps, accessible seats and lift chairs in Los Angeles, CA, then contact one of our home safety professionals at the website. Our Call Before You Fall experts deliver the best safety options to make your home better during aging and recovery.

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