Keeping Spouses Together When One Needs Alzheimer’s Care in Melbourne, FL

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In many cases, an elderly person develops dementia and the spouse does not. Eventually, the family might decide it’s best for the cognitively disabled person to move to assisted living. It may be possible for the two to continue residing together. If this is inadvisable for any reason, the individual who needs Alzheimer’s care in Melbourne, FL could move to a memory care wing, and the spouse could live close by.

Safety Considerations

The two might reside in the same apartment or double room as long as it’s mentally and physically safe for both. For instance, if the person who needs Alzheimer’s care in Melbourne, FL has no trouble remembering the spouse, sharing the residence may be appropriate. That individual also must not display aggressive or combative behavior toward the spouse.

Assisted Living

In the earlier stages of Alzheimer’s, assisted living may be all the person needs. The extra supervision and help with daily living tasks are beneficial. The new residents won’t have to prepare meals or take responsibility for housekeeping.

Instead, they can spend their time enjoying each other’s company and engaging in pleasant community activities. People who move to an assisted living community have the opportunity to build rewarding friendships while still having their family and long-term friends come to visit.

A Distinct Advantage

If the time comes when moving to memory care or a skilled nursing wing is necessary, the resident won’t have to relocate to a different community. This is a distinct advantage of choosing a community with varying levels of care.

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