How to Save Money with Boston Apartment Rentals Rates Soaring

How to Save Money with Boston Apartment Rentals Rates Soaring

With the constant rental increases in Boston Apartment Rentals, everyone needs to find ways to save money. You can find several ways to save money every month. There are many ways to even go ‘green’ in an apartment. Here are a few money saving ideas to get you started. Before long, you will be brainstorming on your own and saving all sorts of cash!

Utility Cost Reduction

The number one ‘green’ option for money saving is on your utility expenses. Your utility bills will be the second highest housing expense you have each month, right after rent. There are some very simple ways to save cash each and every month on your utility bills.

* Turn off lights. Whenever you are not in the room, shut off the lights.

* Replace your light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs, either CFL or the newer, more efficient LED light bulbs.

* Turn down the heat or turn up the air conditioning. Just a few degrees either way can make a major difference in your heating and cooling bills and saves energy for the planet.

* Cut down drafts wherever you can. Place draft guards in front of outside doors and on window sills. Most apartments will not allow you to place plastic on your windows, so the draft guards can help a lot in winter and summer!

* Only run dishwashers and clothes washers when they are full to save water and energy. Cutting down on laundry helps save a lot of energy. If it really is not dirty, hang it up and wear it again before washing.

* Turn off any appliances that are not being used. The computers and TVs that go into sleep mode are still using energy. If you shut them all the way down and unplug them, it will not waste energy and money.

Save on Grocery Costs in Your Growing Season

* Living in Boston Apartment Rentals does not mean that you cannot grow your fresh produce or herbs. If you have a patio or balcony, you can grow a pot or bucket garden very easily and save on your weekly grocery expenses.

* Shop weekly or less. Plan meals for two weeks or a month at a time, and shop for that time period. You will save money by not going to the store every day or two.

* If you are extremely organized and love to save money, you can coupon. Some people can save a boatload of money by couponing. It takes a bit of time and a bunch of organization but may be worthwhile in savings.

With Boston Apartment Rentals rising in costs, you can save money for more important things or even just so you can have some fun money. It just takes a little bit of thought and changing of habits.

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