How Roofers in Silver Spring Assess Damage

A roof gets the hardest beating from weather than any other part of a house. Wind, sun, rain, snow and hail – the roof gets it all. Because of that, the roof is the part that may need the most repair. Just as other parts of the house have extensive costs for repair so is the cost of roof repair.

Roofers in Silver Spring will tell you that repair is cheaper than roof replacement, but they will also tell you that if you repair an old roof that has be compromised, the repairs later on and a replacement will cost a lot more. Once the roof is compromised and moisture has access to your house, you will have all kind of problems that seem to multiply. Mold is one big issue if there is continual rain seeping into your walls and sheet rock.

Assessment According to Damage

If you have just come through a tornado or severe storm of any kind, more than likely you will have damage. The quicker you can get roofers in Silver Spring to assess it, the better off you will be. With most storms, it is wind that destroys a roof. If the roof is made of shingles, the assessment will be according to how many shingles have been ripped off.

The next assessment is to consider if, after the shingles were ripped off, rain penetrated the felt water barrier and also the deck. You may not even have to ask a roofer about the extent of the damage; you may be able to determine that yourself as you stand in a yard littered with shingles.

Assessment According to Wear and Tear

You may not have had storms to trigger the roof repairman, but you are living in an older home and you know the age of the roof is at the top edge of its life span. The roofers in Silver Spring will assess the ultraviolet ray damage because that is the culprit for the highest amount of deterioration. This is what happens. Asphalt is susceptible to ultraviolet damage because the hot sun oxidizes the oils in the asphalt. When the asphalt shingles become brittle, you have a problem that either needs major repair or possible replacement.

Assessment from Snow and Ice

Snow and ice can be damaging to a roof, particularly if it is allowed to build up. In cold climates, snow and ice may lay on the roof for days and weeks at a time. The extra weight and the moisture when everything melts can be detrimental to the health of your roof. Visit Reliable Roofers, Inc., for more details.

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