How a Purse Hanger Keeps Your Valuables Off the Ground

How a Purse Hanger Keeps Your Valuables Off the Ground

Does it bother you to go to a restaurant and have to put your purse on the floor? Or have you ever cringed when you entered a public rest room and realized there was no hook for your purse? It is unhygienic and unsafe to put your purse or bag on the floor of a public place! On top of that, the bag is out of convenient reach, making it a hassle to access the contents should you need them. However, there’s a simple solution to this problem and it’s known as a purse hanger.

What is a Purse Hanger?
A purse hanger is a convenient accessory that is designed to balance or hook onto a surface and provide a place to hang your purse. From hanging it off the edge of a table at a restaurant or onto the top of the bathroom door in a public rest room, you’ll never be left with the floor as your only storage option again! Because of the unique design, it can easily slide onto the side of your purse for storage when not in use. It’s always available when you need it most! Plus, a purse hanger provides a decorative accent to the outside of the bag.

Cute and Fun Designs
If you’re someone who enjoys expressing themselves wherever they go, you’ll love the fact that you can purchase purse hangers in different styles. From artistic to girly, there are different hooks to choose from that will complement your own unique style or every purse you own! In addition to being functional, these hangers include an extra clasp that can be used to hold keys and keep them conveniently within reach. No more rummaging through your bag searching for your keychain!

Totally Practical
A purse hanger folds up, so they’re easy to slide onto your bag when not in use. When needed, simply pop it open, hang it, and it’s ready to hold the weight of your bag (up to 10 lbs)! Ideal for women of all ages, a purse hanger is a unique, practical and simply must-have item for those who would rather not place their bags on the ground anymore.

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