Have Plaque Removed from Your Teeth

Preventative dental care is one of the best reasons to visit a dentist in Skokie IL. Experts recommend visiting your dentist every six months for an examination to determine if you have cavities or gingivitis. During this visit, the dentist or a dental hygienist will clean your teeth professionally with special tools to remove any hardened plaque. If you do have plaque, then it can cause tooth decay or bad breath. The removal of plaque will reduce the amount of bacteria on your teeth and gums, helping to prevent additional dental health issues.

Sealants Can Protect Your Teeth

If you have a repetitive problem with cavities, then your dentist in Skokie IL may recommend applying a sealant substance to the molars and other teeth that are located toward the back of your mouth. Our dentist will clean and prepare the teeth to apply the liquid sealant substance that will dry and harden within a few minutes. The sealants will last for many years, helping to protect your teeth from dangerous decay.

Fluoride Can Strengthen Your Dental Enamel

An additional type of preventative dental care is the application of fluoride on the teeth. A dentist in Skokie IL can apply liquid fluoride on all of your teeth in only a few minutes. This substance is also an ingredient in many toothpastes or mouth rinses, and it is often added to a city’s drinking water. Fluoride is a natural substance that will strengthen the dental enamel on your teeth to resist decay or breakage from chewing on hard foods. You can request a fluoride treatment from a dentist once or twice a year. To learn more about keeping your teeth and gums healthy, you should contact Chicago Dental Arts at our website located at https://www.chicagodentalarts.com/.

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