Getting Ready to Build: Home Demolition Contractors in Tacoma WA

The demolition of an existing residence is a challenging project for any contractor. Residents of a neighborhood tend to be concerned by ongoing construction, and demolition projects are particularly frowned upon. Neighbors prefer not to see an unsightly pile of rubble and debris on their block, and the noise of demolition equipment and operations can present a reason to complain. Ensuring that neighboring properties are not damaged during demolition operations is yet another complication.

Planning is a Key Component

A residential demolition project represents more than simply clearing an existing home from a site. Local building codes and ordinances require the submission of a demolition plan before permits for the work can be issued. Home demolition contractors take into account details about the existing structure and its materials in order to develop the demolition plan. Since original construction drawings are usually not available on-site, a thorough evaluation is required ahead of time. This is so that key structural components can be identified, measurements can be taken, and a risk assessment can be performed.

The demolition plan lays out provisions for the safe demolition and timely removal of debris, including the removal and disposal of hazardous materials, such as lead based paint and asbestos insulation materials. Necessary dust control methods and measures are identified in an effort to protect adjacent properties. The order in which the demolition is to be performed is also specified. Any additional aspects of the project are also taken into account to include final grading, the excavation for new construction, and the restoration of landscaping (if required).

Selecting the Best Demolition Company

An exemplary safety record should be at the top of the list of requirements for home demolition contractors in Tacoma WA. R.W. Excavation places an emphasis on both training and safety, and they have the experience required to quickly meet all residential demolition needs. Meticulous cleanup of debris from the site is always guaranteed. Additional qualifications include general contracting experience with traditional renovations, as well as modern construction and excavation experience.

Home demolition contractors should be able to provide a satisfaction guarantee that includes meeting demolition and construction scheduling requirements. The contractor selected should also be licensed as well as adequately bonded and insured.

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