Examples of Cosmetic Dental Procedures

The demand for cosmetic dental procedures is soaring at an unbelievable rate. Before you make the final decision to have a cosmetic procedure done, you need to understand what the procedure entails. An experienced cosmetic dentist can provide you with a comprehensive dental exam and help you decide if you are a good candidate for any procedure. There are many different procedures offered by a Cosmetic Dentist Marion IA.

Perhaps the most common procedure is teeth whitening. Over time, your teeth become stained and discolored. Teeth whitening is a simple procedure with minimal side effects. The dentist can perform the procedure in office or make a whitening kit for you to use at home. Having your teeth professionally whitened in the office will get quicker results. The outcome will be a much whiter, brighter smile that could last for one to two years.

Another frequently used cosmetic dental procedure is called bonding. Bonding can help the appearance of your teeth by filling in cracks, chips or cavities. These are filled with a tooth colored resin based material. Bonding can last for several years.
Another example of a cosmetic dental procedure is known as veneers. Veneers are made from porcelain or plastic. They cover the front and sides of teeth. When veneers are added to teeth, it will improve teeth that have spaces, permanent staining or poorly shaped. This procedure can be used for other issues that affect the appearance of your teeth. This is a more permanent solution than bonding.
There are many other cosmetic dental procedures that can be performed by a
Cosmetic Dentist Marion IA. Examples of other procedures are:

  1. Crowns
  2. Enamel Shaping and Contouring
  3. Dental Implants
  4. Tooth Colored Fillings

These types of cosmetic dentistry are also common. Any professional cosmetic dentist can offer most, if not all of these procedures and more. Cosmetic dentistry is becoming more popular as each year passes. More people are beginning to recognize the importance of a beautiful smile.

Before having any cosmetic dental procedure done the dentist will perform a full dental exam. After the examination they will determine what cosmetic dentistry can do for you. Visit Premier Dental for more information.





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