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Organza is a beautiful fabric that is light, and strong and also seems to be the perfect choice for draping and designing, particularly for weddings. With all the colors available in organza fabric, there is really no wedding theme or color scheme that can’t be matched.

However, there are a few tricks, tips, and helpful suggestions to make decorating with organza fabric simple and easy. There are also a few common mistakes that you should avoid to create just the look you want without overdoing it or not taking the time to take a look at the big design plan.


One of the great features of organza is that is fairly stiff and will hold the shape of the drape you want once you have it pinned, clipped, stitched or otherwise attached. It is a lightweight fabric, and if people are going to be walking around the tables or the walls and perhaps touching the organza, it is a good idea to pin, stitch, or clamp the organza in the drape you want at the bottom as well.

When draping with organza fabric use a good volume of the fabric to create more color where the fabric overlaps and a lighter, more see-through effect where it is only single thickness. This adds to the look of movement and dimension to the drape.

Contrasting Colors

With the naturally shimmering look of organza fabric using two different colors, particularly the wedding colors, is a simple way to create a vibrant front for the head table, gift tables, wedding cake table, or any other flat surface such as a wall or an arch.

Use one color of organza to drape and then use the contrasting color to alternate the drape. In other words, if you were using purple and ivory, where the purple fabric draped to the bottom the ivory would attach to the top of the table and vice versa.


As it is a bit stiffer than tulle for decorating, organza fabric can be used along the top of a table and twisted loosely to give a frothy looking edge. This is perfect for a cake table or for the gift table, and it can also be used along pews or to create natural walkways in the church or another venue.

If you are using organza fabric outdoors for an outdoor wedding, avoid using long pieces if there is any significant amount of wind. It can billow and move considerably, resulting in pulling and coming loose. Instead, use shorter pieces that aren’t as likely to catch the wind and cause a problem.

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