Compassionate Veterinarians In Orange Keep Pets Healthy And Happy

Compassionate Veterinarians In Orange Keep Pets Healthy And Happy

A veterinarian in Orange will keep your pets in fine form with the highest levels of care.  Pet hospitals and clinics that offer a variety of services from regular veterinary care to grooming, training and boarding help you and your pets develop the personal relationships needed for anxiety free care.  A veterinary hospital that has an in-house laboratory facility can provide quick turnaround for lab tests so that diagnosis of your pet’s condition is quick and efficient.  Your pet should be happy when they see their doctor, groomer, or trainer, not afraid.  People who work within pet hospitals and clinics have the compassion and understanding and treat your animals like their own.

Preventative Care

Regular exams and checkups are important for humans and animals alike.  For pets, annual vaccinations help them to stave off diseases they may come into contact with.  Additionally, wellness checkups help to identify any problems that may be on the horizon from cancer and hip dysplasia to gum disease or arthritis.  The #1 disease today in pets is obesity.  Obesity in pets significantly shortens their life span and can cause pain and discomfort in their joints.  A veterinarian will help you understand the benefits of a lean pet and provide solutions to help your pet lose weight and maintain and healthy weight.


If your pet is behaving differently, has low energy, is scratching or pawing at some part of their body, or is just not “themselves”, it is time to visit a veterinarian in Orange.  Diagnosing illness and conditions in pets is difficult because they can’t communicate how they feel.  It is up to you to describe their behavior and how it has changed.  A veterinarian then will work to find the answers and provide solutions to get them back to fine health.  Your pet’s health is serious to you and to your veterinarian.  The best treatment is early detection and finding the source.

Laser Therapy

If your pet has had surgery, has pain, or other ailments, your veterinarian may suggest laser therapy.  Today laser therapy is used in rehabilitation practices because of its ability to increase circulation.  This increase in circulation releases endorphins that reduce pain and inflammation.  This protocol works together to make your pet happier, healthier, and pain free.

A comprehensive multi-disciplinary approach to your pet’s wellness saves you time and keep your pet from experiencing anxiety. When you find a one-stop-shop for all of your pet’s needs including veterinary care, grooming, boarding, training, and dental care, you and your pet will both be more comfortable.  Your pet will become accustomed to the facility and staff, and they will look forward to their trips.  Compassionate and professional care give you a sense of calm too as you know the people working to keep your pets healthy and happy are part of a team.

A veterinarian in Orange can provide you the peace of mind and your pets with the care they deserve.

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