Common Questions About Selling Your Diamonds To Diamond Buyers In New York

Common Questions About Selling Your Diamonds To Diamond Buyers In New York

Selling your unwanted diamond jewelry is a good way to get the cash you need in a hurry. Diamond Buyers in New York will give you a fair price for any kind of diamond jewelry or loose diamonds that you have. If you’ve never sold any diamonds before, below you’ll find common questions and answers about selling diamonds for cash.

Q.) I have some diamond jewelry, but it’s old. Can I still sell it for cash?

A.) Yes, it doesn’t matter if your diamond jewelry is old or new, a diamond buyer will purchase it from you. If the jewelry is broken or some of the stones are missing, you can still sell it for cash on the spot.
Q.) There are so many places that buy diamonds. How do I know where to go so that I’ll get the best price?

A.) To get the best price for your diamonds, you should make sure that the diamond buyer is a qualified jeweler. A jeweler that has been in the business for years can expertly evaluate your diamonds and therefore offer you the best price. Ask the jeweler for his credentials and if he’s licensed and insured. If not, move on to a different shop to sell your diamonds.

Q.) What can I expect when I take my diamonds to the buyer?

A.) When you arrive at the shop, your diamonds will be appraised by an expert jeweler. The jeweler will tell you how much cash he will give you for your diamonds and you can either accept his offer or not. If you do decide to sell your diamonds, he will pay the price offered to you in cash. If you’d prefer, ask the jeweler if you can have a private appointment.

If you have an emergency or an unexpected bill, you can get cash fast when you sell diamonds to a diamond buyer. There are no hassles, no application process and no rejections. Trying to get a loan at a bank can be a lengthy process with high interest fees and you might not even get approved. Save yourself some stress and time by selling your diamonds instead.

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