Commercial insurance for your business

Commercial insurance for your business

One of the most important investments that any businessman can make is taking out commercial business insurance in Wichita KS. The insurance will be very instrumental in protecting the business from circumstances still unseen, which, if an event should happen, will prove to have serious and unfortunate circumstances.


Business Insurance Wichita KS provides the business with protection against such things as liability, damage to property and theft. Insurance can be purchased which covers interruption in trade and any injuries to employees. It is very unwise to even consider operating a business without insurance, the entire enterprise is constantly at risk of losses of money and property should there be an unfortunate event. Depending on the structure of the business, the owner may even jeopardize his own personal money and personal property should he not have adequate business insurance Wichita KS.

Finding the insurance:

Locating commercial business insurance is not difficult; there are many reliable agencies that specialize in providing it. As a business owner, you owe it to yourself to contact several agencies and settle on one where the agent is licensed, knowledgeable on the product and circumstances as well as pleasant and easy to get along with. When searching for the agency, find someone who can discuss and explain the various insurances that are available, helping you to pick those insurances which are ideal for your company.

There are a number of ways to find agencies, some of the best are business groups such as the Chamber of Commerce, business networking groups, and especially those in a similar line of business and of course, the internet.

The actual insurance:

There are many variations of business insurance in Wichita KS, some of which will be needed and others are not. A company may very well need commercial property insurance, but, having no vehicles, there is no reason to carry commercial vehicle insurance. During your discussions with your agent, take time to find out about all the different insurances that are available as business circumstances can change rapidly as the company expands. By getting preliminary and raw data beforehand, it helps the owner in determining if the company needs to make a move in a direction that will require additional insurance or not.

Purchasing commercial business insurance should be easy; however, there are some business undertaking that may find it difficult to get adequate coverage or at least coverage that can be afforded. These companies would be those that have already had a large loss and claim and in the eyes of the insurance industry, appears as a high risk. When analyzing the applicant company, the historic claims, if any, are taken into account when setting the premiums. A company which is new and untested may also fit into this high risk category.


Small business insurance in Wichita KS is offered by Andy Woodward Insurance Agency. The company offers a wide range of insurances that fit your requirements as well as your budget.

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