Booming Real Estate in Las Vegas NV

Booming Real Estate in Las Vegas NV

Sin City is one of the nicknames of Las Vegas that city officials would like to get rid of. The moniker refers to the adult attractions, gambling, and other activities which may be considered immoral. In the past, Las Vegas has been linked to organized crime, and mob activity which may also be considered sinful. Infamous mobsters who actually helped develop the city include Bugsy Siegel, Frank Detra, Meyer Lansky, and Lucky Luciano. But the city has cleaned up its image to be more attractive to families with children and as a place for retirees. In fact, there is a current boom in real estate in Las Vegas NV.

real estate Las Vegas NV – was hit hard by the 2007 crash. Prices fell by up to 65 percent back then, but since the economy has improved, current low interest rates make it a buyer’s market. Today the Vegas real estate market is perhaps the hottest in the nation. Many East Coast families with children are making the move to Las Vegas. For example, several who are native to Long Island, New York are moving to escape the rising cost of living and escalating home prices. They have also had enough of bone chilling winters and killer hurricanes. Las Vegas is warm and inviting, plus there are no state taxes!

Many retirement communities in the Vegas area are attracting folks who are age 55 and older. Today’s retirees are typically active and less dependent on proximity to healthcare facilities than has been the case in the past. Most of these communities feature tennis courts, swimming pools, recreation centers, and many more venues for entertainment. Basically the retiree is close enough to everything but in a quiet peaceful area that is far from The Strip! Las Vegas has a growing retirement community, so there will be no problem for new arrivals to find new friends with similar interests.

A good Las Vegas Real Estate Company can help you with any realtor services you may need as well as with property management if you wish to rent out your properties. Property managers will handle the day to day relations with the tenants, and the maintenance staff will see to it that all repairs are handled in a timely manner. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy a maximum return on your investment which is a good thing!

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