Accident Attorneys in Racine: Understanding Whiplash

Accident Attorneys in Racine: Understanding Whiplash

The word whiplash is a term that is very commonly passed around after an automobile accident. However, do you really even know what whiplash means? It is actually a pretty broad term when it comes to its definition because it is used to refer to a wide range of neck injuries. The most common type of whiplash is damage to the soft tissue on the neck. This is extremely common when you are in a rear-end accident. The reason this happens is because when you are rear-ended it is going to cause your body to jerk forward while your head stays in the same place.

Interestingly enough, a lot of Accident Attorneys in Racine are starting to avoid using the term whiplash to describe their clients’ injuries. This is because there are a lot of individuals who will say they got whiplash when there is really nothing wrong with them at all. This is why most lawyers are going to want you to go to a doctor and get a little more detail and description than you have whiplash when they are defending your case.

Any law firm such as Action Law Offices will tell you that it is a common misconception that someone either has to be going very fast when they get in an accident or get in a very serious accident in order to get whiplash. The truth is that someone could bump your car while you are not even moving. The injury is all about the force of the impact that is placed on your body but not on your head. If you are sitting with the correct posture, your seat belt is buckled, and your head rest is at the right height it is very unlikely that you would suffer from whiplash. This is because your entire body would be strapped to the chair and nothing is going to do a lot of jerking forward unless it takes your head with it.

If you do think that you have suffered from whiplash you want to see medical attention immediately. All Accident Attorneys in Racine are going to benefit when they are defending your case if you took the time to go to the doctor for medical attention. This action is going to prove to everyone that you really were hurt depending on what the doctor says.

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