5 Mistakes to Avoid When Working With a Bail Bond Company in Shelton, CT


Bail bonding services are there for a specific purpose: to help get people out of jail before their trials. Working with a bail bond company in Shelton CT is supposed to make life easier, but it’s possible to make minor mistakes. Below are several errors to avoid when working with a bonding company.

Choosing the Wrong Bonding Company

Most bail bond companies are experienced, licensed, and well-regarded in the Shelton area, but not all are so reputable. It’s crucial for defendants and their families to work with legitimate bondsmen and to learn about their reputations before making a choice.

Not Giving the Bondsman the Right Information

Before calling a bondsman, be sure to have the right information to pass along. This includes the defendant’s full name and date of birth, their booking number, and the county in which the arrest took place. Having correct and full information is a critical part of the bonding process.

Not Getting Bail Quickly Enough

Most bonding companies have all-hours availability, and the sooner the defendant or their family get things started, the sooner the process is finished. Bail paperwork may take quite some time, and the earlier it’s started, the better.

Getting Arrested While On Bail

If a person is bailed out of jail, it’s assumed they’ll follow the court’s rules and keep a low profile. The last thing a defendant wants is to find themselves in additional legal trouble because, in subsequent cases, bail may not be an option.

Not Appearing in Court

The biggest bail mistake a person can make is not showing up for a scheduled court appearance. This will create an entirely new list of legal troubles, eliminate any goodwill that may have been forthcoming from the judge, and causes the bond money to be forfeited. If a family member bails a loved one out of jail, they should do whatever is necessary to ensure that person’s appearance in court.

Do the Right Thing

These mistakes may be costly, but when they’re avoided, the bonding process is very beneficial. A Bail Bond Company in Shelton CT offers constant availability, top-notch customer service, and a solid reputation in the community. Reach out today by phone or check out more information online for prompt, efficient bail bond services.

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