3 Warning Signs Your Car Needs a Transmission Flush in Salem, OR

3 Warning Signs Your Car Needs a Transmission Flush in Salem, OR

Generally speaking, getting a transmission flush in Salem, OR, every two years is all you need to keep your car running efficiently. However, there are some instances where having one sooner may be beneficial.

If you have been having trouble with your car, here are three signs you may need a transmission flush in Salem, OR.

The Transmission Is Grinding

When your transmission is contaminated with grease, sludge, and dirt, it may start to grind or make strange noises. If you hear these strange noises, it is best to stop and immediately check the transmission fluid level.

Make sure you do this while the engine is still running. If the fluid level is acceptable, that’s a sign your transmission may need to be flushed.

Gears Aren’t Shifting Properly

In order for the gears to shift properly, there must be clean transmission fluid flowing through the transmission. This applies to both automatics and manuals.

When a transmission is overwhelmed with dirt and sludge, the response will be sluggish. This basically means the gears will either too quickly, or too late.

If you drive a manual, changing gears will become extremely difficult to do.

Delay of Vehicle Movement

Have you noticed your vehicle stalls out for a second or two before moving? If so, that is yet another sign your transmission fluid is contaminated. If you don’t have any other problems with your transmission, a flush may be all you need.

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