3 Essentials to Check Before Buying a Used Vehicle

3 Essentials to Check Before Buying a Used Vehicle

You need reliable transportation, so you start looking at different used cars near Joliet. A previously owned vehicle can be great in terms of performance and price. The trick is to know what you’re buying. Among the several things you should check, these three are among the most important.

The Vehicle History

Obtaining a vehicle history has never been easier or faster. You can get it from the dealer or look it up yourself online. The goal is to determine if the vehicle has ever been involved in a serious accident or made it through some sort of natural disaster. This will help you avoid buying something that was salvaged after a flood or that had the frame repaired after a collision.

The Odometer Reading

Assuming the vehicle history contains nothing that makes you pause, take a look at the odometer reading. The number of miles on the odometer help you have some idea of what sort of repairs maybe needed in the next couple of years. Remember that higher mileage doesn’t necessary rule out those used cars, but they do indicate that you need to be prepared to have certain types of work done in a relatively short period of time.

Maintenance Records

Would you like to get an even better idea of what sort of work the vehicle may need soon? Take a look at the maintenance records for any of the used cars Joliet has to offer. You’ll have the chance to see if the fluids and filters were changed regularly, the last time a tune-up was done, and which parts were replaced over the last few years. Depending on what you read in those records, you may decide the vehicle is in good shape and worth the price.

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